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What is PBIS and why do we do it?

What are Bee Buck's and what are they used for?

What's with all the rewards?


Most of all, we want to celebrate our students for their respectful, responsible and safe behavior!

AWB has great students and we know it!!!!

Apple Run Class

It's back to school time......

We will be continuing with our PBIS expectations again in the 2015-2016 school year!!!!

A. W. Becker Students will be again asked to demonstrate how thy can:

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Tree Contract

The leaves are thumbprints of each one of our A. W. Becker students.

We will again be collecting honeycombs to acknowledge our great community here. Honeycombs can be found in the office and filled out by parents and staff. Feel free to fill one out in the main office throughout the year and watch our honeycomb wall grow.

Bee Buck Spending

Bee Buck

In addition to spending their Bee Bucks at the school store, students have traded in their Bee Buck's for some fun times!  

Click on the links below for a few snap shots from last years Bee Buck Spending.

Gym Jam 

Pizza with the Principal

Pancakes with the Principal

Crafts with Ms. Carlton


Find more information on the RCS District PBIS plans and policies at:

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